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How this works

DocPhoto is a place where no one rushes you and makes you choose a shitty photo. If you ever had a bad experience, at CSV or DuaneReade, getting a photo for any official matter, than this is a place for you.

We offer a simple service. Take as many attempts for the perfect photo as you want. Send us you best result. We will prepare the photo for your purposes and send it back to you. We will send both the physical and the digital version, so you can reuse it later.

We only charge $15 for the whole process. But we only charge when you are happy with the result.

1. Upload

Take your best picture and just upload it, that's it.

Note: Please don't edit it, we will do all the work

2. Receive

We will send your ideal photo right to your doorstep

Note: We will also send the digital version, just in case

Order you Photo today

No credit card required. We will only send the bill, once we do the work.